Campus Classes


In Spring of 2015, Timree Paint Studio started our first After School Paint Program in the local elementary schools. Our professional Timree Technique teachers come on campus for a 6 to 8 week program.

Each student goes home with a complete canvas at the end of each hour and fifteen minute class. The students have a blast painting fun, and custom art pieces.  Every painting is unique to the student, with their favorite colors, and personality shining through.  This program is a huge hit, and great for girls and boys to grow in their art skills.

♦  A one hour step by step painting taught in the Timree Technique™

♦ Everyone paints the same painting but painters can customize with colors of their choice

 ♦ Painters take home a painting every class! 

 ♦ Sign-up is done at school.


Interested in having the Timree After School Program at your school?

Please contact Katie by calling the studio at 949-723-1300 or email 


 6 week course – $165 + $25 (one time supply fee)


 8 week course – $195 + $25 (one time supply fee)