"Whether you're looking for a fun side-hustle or already own your own paint studio,
I have tools for everyone to learn so you, too, can teach my whimsical paintings to others!"


• The BEST supplies and how to source them

• Proper set-up, break-down, and timing for Paint Parties

• How to master the Timree Technique™

• Best practices for teaching to different Painting Personas

• How to brand and market your own Paint Party Business

• How to establish pricing for your business

• Exclusive downloads

• Speed painting sessions

• All the tools you need to grow your passion into a SIX-FIGURE business!


All for only $1,250!





"This woman...this technique...these paintings...ARE THE BEST!!! I've loved her process and I'm so grateful that there are people like Timree, who are pioneers who share their knowledge & experience, & are willing to give access to rare talents and ideas so that we can reach the most people possible! Thank you, Timree, for sharing your creative energy, talents, skills, knowledge and FUN with me. You are a true inspiration! There is no better way to paint and to learn how to teach paint classes available! Simply the best!"  

- Denise S.

Des Moines, Iowa

May 2023

"I am absolutely thrilled to have been a part of Timree's Paint Party Master Course. Timree's passion for teaching is contagious! Her desire to share her knowledge shone through every module. She provided us with the Timree Technique as well as her favorite tools, resources, and experiences to give us the best start as Timree Teachers. My mobile paint parties just got the cutest upgrade ever!"  

- Kim R.

Atlanta, Georgia

June 2023

"The Timree Teacher Master Course was absolutely AMAZING, a 10 out of 10! They thought of everything you need to become a Timree Certified Teacher. Not only does Timree make painting joyful and attainable for all but she does the same for those who take her course! It's the first course I have done from start to finish and never wanted to miss anything so much that I missed having our weekly classes once the course was over. Each week you get to do a speed painting which makes you feel more confident in your abilities and also gives you tangible takeaways from the experience. I can't wait to start my Paint Party business! Thank you Timree and Megan for bringing this dream to life!"

- Bridget W.

Benson, North Carolina

July 2023


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